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Why Community is Key in Raising the iGeneration

We may live in a world with disparate ideas, but one idea we can all come together and form community around is helping our kids to thrive. No one wants to see a generation of children feeling overwhelmed, anxious, distracted, isolated and bullied. Schools, friends, neighbors, clubs, places of worship - wherever you can find community - start the conversation about raising kids in a digital world.

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That Time When 'Multitasking' Short Circuited My Brain (and how I fixed it)

Sometime last year in the midst of starting my own business; managing both my kids schedules; staying in touch with friends; maintaining an exercise regimen; trying to keep my marriage “exciting;” attempting to stay current on social media; current affairs and the hottest new music my brain began to slowly melt-down. Here's what I did to fix it.

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