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Easy Ways to Participate in National Day of Unplugging

When was the last time you truly unplugged? Left your phone at home for the day, stayed off the laptop, went a whole day with your kids off of devices? If you’re like me it’s probably been a while! This weekend is National Day of Unplugging. A chance to take a break from our devices - sound daunting? Don’t worry - I’ve got some tips for you to make it fun and meaningful for you and your family.

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How to Develop a Healthy Relationship with Social Media

Social media, though barely more than a decade old, has evolved to play a huge role in our lives personally, culturally and politically. The question is how can we manage the addictive pull and questionable content so as to enjoy and maintain a healthy relationship to it? Whether for yourself or your kid, here are some important tips to get you started…

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