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Valentines Day, Social Media & Kids - What to Look Out For

For those parents whose kids are now in the teen stage of development gone are the days of crafting handmade valentines for the whole class and coming home with a big bag of candy. Those days have been replaced with what feels like a day for kids to gauge just how popular or unpopular they are. Read on for tips on how to support your child and help them make smart choices on this day.

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Is Your Child Ready for a Phone? A Parent Guide

One of the questions I get most from my clients is “When should I get my child a phone?”  If the question of when to introduce your child to the world of smartphones is weighing heavy on your mind you’re not alone. Read on to find out if your child is ready and what you can do to make the transition easier for both you and your child.

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Beyond "likes" - Exposing your kids to the BEAUTY of the Internet

It's easy to get hung up on fear based thinking around kids and the internet, but there are so many wonderful ways in which the online world can enhance our lives. Here are just a few of my favorite sites for exploring the internet with your kids and teaching them that there is a world beyond "likes."

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