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How to Bring Digital Citizenship to Your Child's School

This week many schools across the country will celebrate Digital Citizenship Week, this week is particularly meaningful to me not just an a Digital Media Educator, but as a mom.  A year ago, with the support of a group of volunteer parents I spearheaded an effort to bring Digital Citizenship to my children’s elementary school. You can do the same, and here are some simple steps to get you started…

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My Son the Materialist: Raising a Grounded Child in an Insta-gratification World

I have a materialistic kid and it’s bugging me. To be clear, he’s not only materialistic. He’s smart, funny, playful, social, curious and all the other things a 7 year-old should be, but man does he like “stuff.” So the question is - is this a problem? I think it is and here’s why...

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