What is ReConnect?

ReConnect is a whole child, whole family approach to preparing your child for life in the Digital Age. Through a variety of lessons catered to different age groups and popular parental concerns, parents learn how to empower their children to take care of themselves online and make smart choices. 

ReConnect was developed by Julia Storm, MA in response to her community's growing need for guidance in managing the stress and chaos of parenting young digital natives. Unlike other programs that focus almost exclusively on existing addictive behavior and issues of safety, ReConnect goes farther by teaching families how to easily create a culture of smart, healthy and thoughtful screen use in their home. It is Julia's belief that the key to raising resilient, conscious and ethical kids in today's digital environment is to start the conversation and the habit building while children are still young and receptive - waiting until you have a plugged in teen makes the job much harder.

ReConnect is designed to look at a broad swath of concerns including, but not limited to:

  • Learning to self-regulate and manage screen-time through mindfulness based solutions

  • Encouraging empathetic and conscientious behavior online

  • Online safety

  • Creating emotional resilience online and off

  • Maintaining and nurturing offline relationships

  • Understanding real vs. fake information

  • Managing your digital footprint

  • And the importance of staying connected to the 'real' world.

Through extensive research, study and hands on learning Julia has culled the most up to date information and put it into an easy to understand program that parents can learn, implement at their own pace and modify to their own needs. Every family has its own approach and its own comfort level around digital media, Julia  will help you find out what works for your family so you can stop worrying and start putting a Family Media Plan into place.