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It Takes a Village to Raise Screen Smart Kids

Helping kids navigate the world of smart phones, social media, and the vastness of the online world is one of the most pressing issues of our time. But it’s not just parents who are struggling. Schools, Churches, Youth Groups and Camps contend with the effects of device use on the larger community on a daily basis.

Teachers, therapists and community leaders who have been working with kids for many years report troubling trends in overall behavior; sighting higher levels of distraction, anxiety, and peer drama, coupled with  lower overall sense of empathy and social/emotional resilience.

Kids can and will do amazingly exciting things in the online world - socially, politically and creatively. Let’s offer them the guidance and support that they need in order to get there.

Julia’s ReConnect Speaking Series brings your organization’s community together through a common understanding of best practices for keeping our kids safe, smart and emotionally resilient in the digital world.

With programs designed specifically to be developmentally in line with each age group, Julia’s lively interactive presentations give parents real world facts and figures coupled with take home tactics that they can start using today.

Julia has spoken at numerous venues across the country - from school auditoriums, to corporate board rooms to family living rooms. Some of the schools Julia has spoken at this year: Christopher Robin School, Wonderland Avenue Elementary, PS107 in Brooklyn, Brooklyn Prospect, Synergy School San Francisco and Larchmont Charter.

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